Features and Statistics of IT Recruitment in the UK: Trends and Challenges

Recruiting https://evotalents.com/en in most industries is showing positive growth rates. Throughout the workforce recruitment industry, special attention has always been paid to IT recruiting. The recruiting process in the IT field has always been distinguished by advanced methods of personnel search and the use of the latest technical achievements and artificial intelligence.

IT recruitment UK is no different in appearance from recruiting in other countries. But, nevertheless, it has many features. They concern not only the mentality of the British, but even indirectly relate to the historical development of the country. A lot has already been said about these features and there is no point in dwelling on them in detail. In order to understand how this works in practice, you need to dive deeper into the candidate search process.

If you are planning to do IT recruiting yourself or set up an IT recruitment agency in the UK, it would be a good idea to study some statistics that will help you understand labor market trends.

1. Recruiting agencies have made a huge contribution to the development of the labor market in the country after the coronavirus pandemic. They were able to significantly increase the turnover of the recruitment market in three years, which by the end of 2022 exceeded 140 billion pounds.

2. The recruitment industry in Britain is very developed. It has about 30,000 recruiting agencies employing more than 200,000 people. Even from these statistics it is clear that most agencies are companies with a small staff.

3. Not only the main business is concentrated in London. There is also the highest concentration of recruiters and recruiting agencies. The capital accounts for 31% of the total number of recruitment agencies in Britain.

4. The growth of the labor market in Britain does not stop. This is evidenced by the huge number of applications for specialists. The number of such applications averaged 2.35 million per week in 2023 , indicating demand more than doubled compared to the previous year.

5. The recruiting process is slow. The more complex the industry in which the search for specialists takes place, the more stages the candidate goes through and the longer the process of making the final decision takes. According to statistics, in 2023 the average time to fill a vacancy was 42 days. However, in IT recruiting these numbers are much higher. This must be taken into account by both IT recruiting agencies and customers.

However, with such rapid development of the market, only 11% of British recruiting agencies use the power of artificial intelligence when searching for candidates and assessing their skills.

Knowing such statistics, it is easier to navigate in the direction of further activities and understand the strengths and weaknesses of recruiting, which can be used to your advantage.

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